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Teskilat Season 4 Episode 93 With Urdu Subtitles

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Teskilat Episode 102 Urdu

If you are looking for Teskilat Season 4 Episode 93 with Urdu Subtitles, your search ends here! You watched the previous episode here at Vidzcamp. The previous Episode started when Antón recorded a video of his success against Turk intelligence. He starts his vlogs for Neslihan ArdamSoay, saying”, Hello! how are you? Am very good? Perhaps I’m having the best days of my life. I don’t want anything from you, I don’t have any requests, I want to share a happy memory with you. I just wanted to say, you know, something like this happens, you see a view, or something happens to you during the day, something different, you immediately want to share it with your closest ones.”

He tried to drag the story very much. The intention behind this was to tease the Intelligence Team and Neslihan. He added, “Now, you are wondering where Jahangir is? Of course, I want to share this beautiful moment with you without further ado.” Then he recorded the dead body of Jahangir along with the crying Omar Atmaja. He, Antón, thundered, “I think we are even now; you will experience everything you put him through. You too will experience the pain of losing a brother. I will kill you; I will kill you, leave it aside, write it aside, ‘I will kill you with my own hands’.

In this article, we’re gonna discuss what happened in the previous episode and the consequences of the activities of the previous Episode in this episode, Episode 93 of Teskilat in Urdu. Let’s Start:

Jahangir’s Death’s Impact on 93 Episode of Teskilat in Urdu Subtitles:

When the team was in a war with the trap of Anton, Jahangir while trying his best went out to fight with the terrorists. He was kidnapped by the terrorists, the men of Anton. The Terrorists brought him to Anton where Anton killed the Jahangir in front of Omer Atmaja, but the team didn’t know whether the Jahangir was alive or dead. So, they searched Jahangir. Korkot Starts saying, “Damn, are you okay?” Ibrahim Replies, “I’m fine, I didn’t give up until the last moment, I tried my Best.”

Jahangir Fights for Country:

Then Korkot remembers Jahangir. He says, “Where is Meran? I told you to wait, just wait. We can’t stop this kid. Of course, his blood is flowing like crazy.” Ibrahim replies, “The young man, as his name suggests, let’s look around carefully. Wrestler, a tip, a trace, we need to find something.”

License Plate Was Not There:

Both of the team members couldn’t see the license plate of that car. They were very sure they should have had a license plate. There was no collar, but there was paint. They thought to themselves, “Will it work?” To check whether it would work or not, they called Nazli, the headquarters. They Told her, “Nazlı, the situation is urgent. The enemy has ambushed the cell house and took the Jahangir along with them.” She asked miserably, “Are you okay?” They said, “Well, we are okay, but we need to find Jahangir.”

Nazli Tried her Best:

Nazli who is always at the headquarters, replied, “I understood “immediately”. Do you have any traces or clues?” Then the paint chips from the vehicle and the casings from the terrorists’ guns were sent to Nazli for deep analysis.” On receiving the clues online, Nazli said, “I’m looking, I can find out which company these items belong to. Which vehicles it is used in? Where it is sold in the region and even who bought it. But I’m not sure how useful these will be to you.”

Watch Teskilat Episode 93 With Urdu Subtitles for Next Story:

Then they thought, “They might have taken him to Omer. Our guess is in that direction.” They added, “Well, the equation is simple. If we find the tool, we will find Jahangir. If we find Jahangir, we will find Ömer.” As they found the Omer, let’s see what are its consequences in Teskilat Episode 93 in Urdu. What will happen now in Teskilat Episode 93 With Urdu Subtitles?

Captain’s Role in Teskilat Episode 93 of Teskilat in Urdu:

The Captain of the camp was very much worried. He said to Anton, “Anton Look, enough of these games. I will start working to make that troublemaker called Ömer talk.” Anton was very sure. He said, “You can’t make him talk with torture. No one has made him talk so far. You don’t know his name. He, Omer, opened your boot. He disrupted your order.” Captain replied, “He encourages the other prisoners. And you hate everything. You even let him take the man we killed to his cell.”

But Anton was in a mood to tease Omer. He said, ‘Let him live. When he sees Jahangir’s dead body, he will remember my power. He will understand that he cannot defeat me.  He’s not afraid of anything, he challenged me even in this state. I can’t let him get away with it.” Captain said, “What’s in your mind?

Anton said, “I have a reputation too. Captain! This is the challenge”. But the Captain was trying to convince Anton to get rid of the Imer. He said, “I have to answer, don’t, don’t do it, Anton, don’t do it, it’s just a simple man. Don’t take it so personally.” At the end, when the Camp crashed, the Captain ran away.

Watch 93 Episode Teskilat Urdu Subtitles for Next Story:

Let’s see what consequences it brings in episode 93 of teskilat with Urdu Subtitles. The story is worth seeing in the 93 Episode of Teskilat Urdu. Here we’ll see what will happen in Teskilat Episode 93 With Urdu Subtitles.

Sana in Teskilat Episode 93 Urdu:

When Neslihan visited Sajida Hatun, Sana was also there at the house of Omer Atmaja. Sajida introduced Sana to Neslihan saying, “I’m out of my mind, I didn’t introduce you, right? Sana! This lady whose name is Neslihan, is Ömer’s friend from his work.” Sana said, “I think, I saw you on TV, you are from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aren’t you?” Neslihan replied, “Yes, Mr. Ömer is also giving us consultancy.”

Then Sajida asked Sana to go home so that we could talk secretly. Sana didn’t go and spied on them and listened to every piece of talk. She listened to every part of their discussion. Neslihan and Sajida Hatun discussed a lot about the intelligence. It was a very secret discussion. Neslihan Started, “I was going to say it before, but after what happened today, I didn’t want to wait any longer. Omer was kidnapped in a mission. Our state is mobilizing all means to bring Ömer. You will be reunited with Ömer, we will all be reunited with his generation.

Sajida Hatun replied, “Hanım, I buried my husband and my child with the flag in a secret state. Two martyrs came out of this house. Maybe, Omer will too, but this is the way for them. He has no hesitation in sacrificing his life for the sake of this country. Neither Ömer nor Korkut nor you Neslihan.” And Sana listened to their discussion.

Watch Episode 93 Teskilat Urdu Subtitles for Next Story:

Let’s see what are its consequences in Episode 93 Teskilat Urdu Subtitles. Will it be revealed in Episode 93 Teskilat Urdu if is the Sana a spy? Will Sana work against the Turk Intelligence in Teskilat Season 4 Episode 93 with Urdu Subtitles? How will Sana deceive Korkot in Teskilat Episode 93 with Urdu Subtitles?

Watch Teskilat Season 4 Episode 93 in Urdu:

The story has now become very fascinating. Omer is now free. He was freed in the previous episode by teamwork. Now, in this episode, Teskilat Episode 93 in Urdu, He’ll be on fire. He’ll have new plans. There will be new stronger enemies. Maybe, Captain will return. The captain can have a bigger role now. It will make the story more charming as the captain has already witnessed the bravery of Omer Atmaja and his team.

Anton was playing games with Omer in the camp. He was trying to tease him mentally. Omer knew that the help of his team was on the way, so he was also buying time. While playing a game, Omer was winning the match. He said to Anton, “If I wanted to, I could kill you right now. But if I kill you, it will remain in my stomach. I will make you suffer here until I come out.” Anton replied, “What happened? Are you afraid of death? Don’t tell me stories of martyrdom again.” Omer said, “I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid of death, because I won’t die to spite you, I’ll get out of here alive.”

In the meantime, support reached and they killed not only Anton but also destroyed the whole camp along with the entire soldiers there. Then they took away the dead body of Jahangir with them to bury him in his motherland, Turkey.

Omer Atmaja’s Revenge in Teskilat Season 4 Episode 93 in Urdu:

At the end of the episode, Omer’s voice roars for Jahangir who fought for the country and died. Keep in mind that Murat Yildirim is playing the role of Omer Atmaja. Omer says, “You sacrificed your life for your country, but because you are an intelligence officer, no one knows. There are some Heroes whose names live on forever when they die. There are some Heroes whose deeds are a secret, their heroism has never been experienced. They keep the secret of the State. Keeping a secret is heavy, it is a burden to the one who keeps it. Especially, a state secret is like walking around with a greasy rope around your neck.”

He added, “There are some Heroes who give up their lives and do not tell secrets. There are some Heroes whose love is a dagger stuck in their heart. Their love is a wound and their love is a land nest. Their love for the state is their duty. Some Heroes vomit blood. Some Heroes died for the homeland, for the flag, for the nation, stand tall against the whole world.”

Teskilat Episode 93 in Urdu Subtitles:

It’s very obvious that Omer is gonna take revenge in Teskilat Episode 93 in Urdu. He’ll find everyone who has been behind the failure of this mission. He will kill the terrorists in the 93 Episode of teskilat with Urdu Subtitles. We’ll witness: –

Who will be the first target of Omer in Episode 93 Teskilat Urdu?

Will the Secretory of Lebanon be targeted in Teskilat 93 in Urdu?

What will be the strategic consequences for Lebanon in Episode 93 of Teskilat in Urdu?

Who will be Sheerin of Ibrahim in Teskilat Season 4 Episode 93 in Urdu Subtitles?

Will Korkot marry Sana in 93 Episode Teskilat in Urdu?

What will Neslihan’s father do in Episode 93 of teskilat in Urdu?

How is the sadness and excitement of Neslihan in Episode 93 Teskilat Urdu Subtitles?

How is Neslihan gonna react in Episode 93 Teskilat in Urdu Subtitles?

We’ll see how much excited is Sajida Hanim in Teskilat 93 Episode Urdu Subtitles.




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