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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 147 With Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 154 Urdu

Watch here Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 147 with Urdu Subtitles at Vidzcamp. You watched the previous episode which was very thrilling. The Episode started when Gonca was trying to avoid the massacre between Alauddin and Mehmet. She tried her best to halt his brother and Alauddin Bey from fighting. She said, “Brother, stop, brother, wait, you can’t take it, let it go, I said let it go, brother. That’s enough! Please stop!”. Mehmet, known as Mammee, was looking very much clear. He was very serious about killing Alauddin. He said to Alauddin, “Now you are dead, you have taken you, who will save you in my hands? You won’t see what you’ve done.”

Watch Osman Season 5 Episode 147 in Urdu subtitles:

At the start of the episode, Mammee was trying to hit him with his dagger. Mehmet added, “Alauddin, I owed you a life, I paid it by donating my life. Now, if you make a mistake, I will not show my mercy and will kill you.” Alauddin replied, “It is Allah who gives life and takes it. Mr. Mehmet, I stood for the Gonca Hatun. But next time, you should know that I have no mercy too.”

In this article, we’ll discuss the best moments of the previous episode, the connection between the sequences of episode 145 of Kurulus Osman, and what are gonna be the best moments in this episode, Kurulus Osman season 5 episode 147 Urdu subtitles. Let’s Start!

Kurulus Osman Episode 147 Urdu Subtitles: Yaqub Bey

When Yaqub sultan heard about the raid of Mongols on Yenisehir, he was very much happy and wanted to go to the city to make the Osman Bey tease. He said to his family, “The people of Yenisehir are our lives and blood. But isn’t it Osman’s duty to protect his people? I don’t feel sorry for Osman. I feel sorry for the people who are crushed by his dreams. We will also protect the people of the in-laws that Osman could not protect. We will protect them. Come on, get ready, let’s go to Yenisehir.

When they reached Yenisehir, Osman was banishing Orhan from the tribe. Yaqub Sultan heard everything and when he was leaving the city, he was encountered by Alauddin. Alauddin said, “Close all the doors. No one is allowed to go out. Hurry up.”

Kurulus Osman Season 5 episode 147 Urdu subtitles:

Yaqub Bey said, “Who are you? Why are you not letting me leave the city? This is a reason for war. Why do you keep me in here? Alauddin replied, “This is not just you who will follow this order, but everyone else. I will keep all the entrances and exits of the city closed. The reason is, that there is a traitor in my city.

He asked Osman Bey, “What would happen in keeping the sultan? Or would you hint to me as a traitor?” Osman said, “Yakup Bey! On the contrary, I will look after you. Let a traitor be found. Let’s find out who he tries to kill and who he tries to hit. Until then, you are here. Be my guest, let’s find out who you’re going to shoot. After that, you can leave. Now, if something happens to you, the chaos will increase and get even messy. And I will never allow this.” Yaqub was sure about his safety, he said, “Nobody can do anything to me. You are the reason for this chaos. I’m the last one to blame for this injustice.”

What will Yaqub Bey do in Kurulus Osman season 5 episode 147 Urdu subtitles?

Will the show-off of Yaqub end in Kurulus Osman season 5 episode 147 Urdu subtitles?


After the Yenişehir raid, everyone was on alert. Alaeddin Bey prevents Yakup Beys from leaving the city, saying that there is a traitor inside. What does Osman Bey aim for by keeping Yakup Bey in Yenişehir?

Kurulus Osman 147 Episode Urdu Subtitles: Olivia

When he was spying, he got caught but he put his dagger on the neck of Olivia, Holofira’s aunt, and said, “I did not shed the blood of a single soldier. I did not come here to be hostile. I intend to establish peace.” But Tekfur didn’t believe Orhan and said, “Will you listen by sneaking into the castle and spying?”

Orhan said to Tekfur the Governor, “We will agree with you. Princess Maria.  Don’t you want it? I will give it to you.” Tekfur was surprised and said, “How will you do it? Despite your father? How can we trust?” Orhan replied to him, “Osman Bey’s arrogance, he destroyed the new city, he did not accept his mistake. He took the pen from my hands. Osman Bey took my father from me. Princess Maria brought us nothing but trouble.” “I will do this for the sake of my people, even if it means dying at the hands of my father.” He added. Tekfur replied, “Tomorrow you will bring the princess with my soldiers.” Orhan said, “Don’t worry, we will both get what we want.”


Orhan Bey, Olivia, and Kite Tekfuru head to Leo, where an unexpected offer awaits them from Leo himself—he promises to hand over Princess Maria. What could be Orhan Bey’s motive behind this move? And what circumstances have led him to make such a decision?

  • What will be the role of Olivia in Kurulus Osman 147 Episode Urdu?
  • How Leo, the Tekfur, will be a better role in Episode 147 Kurulus Osman Urdu Subtitles?
  • After Korkaluhan’s death, what will be the role of Tekfur in Kurulus Osman 147 episode Urdu Subtitles?

Kurulus Osman Episode 147 in Urdu: Love Stories

In the case of Heart’s Journeys, we’ve got two amazing love stories to share with you. The first one is all about Orhan Bey and Holofira – their love is like a beautiful melody, filled with sweet moments and deep connections. The second one is about Gonca and Alauddin Bey. Their love story is as charming as a fairy tale. We’ve got all the juicy details that will make your heart flutter, showcasing the magic of love. Let’s Start!

Orhan and Holofira in Episode 147 Kurulus Osman:

When Orhan was banished from the tribe, he went to the castle where Holofira was kept. This castle was her aunt’s castle. Orhan went into the castle secretly. There, he said to Holofira, “I’m very sorry for what happened. It’s what happened between you and your father.” Orhan said, “Don’t be sad. It always happens.” Holofira replied, “Do you know? I do everything. I took the risk. I was going to run away and was going to come to you.  My heart and mine are always for you.” Make it clear Orhan Bey ‘Even if you are not a Bey, even if you don’t have any property, my heart belongs to you. Don’t forget that, okay?  Don’t forget, I’ll always come to you, always, Orhan. Orhan said, “Same here Holofira.”

As we watched, Orhan Bey, Olivia, and Kite Tekfuru went to Leo. He said he would give Princess Maria to them.

What was Orhan Bey trying to do?

What led him to this situation?

How will Holofira and Orhan’s love be affected by all this in Kurulus Osman Episode 147 in Urdu?

What’s gonna happen between them in Kurulus Osman Episode 147 in Urdu?

Alauddin and Gonca in Episode 147 Kurulus Osman:

Ulgen told Osman Bey and Bala Hatun that Gonca spied the Kayi tribe for his father, Sultan Yaqub. Osman asked Ulgen to call Alauddin. Osman told him everything about the situation and asked him to be patient. He said, “It’s about Yaqub Bey and the Gonca Hatun. She has approached you, Son. I know it is difficult, very difficult to believe, but you will stand tall. It’s all a game.” He asked Osman Bey, “Can a person give up his life for a game, father?” Osman said to him, “It’s not just about Gonca, son, Yaqub Bey tries to undermine us at every opportunity. That’s why we don’t know who to trust. We have to be careful.” Alauddin said, “I won’t trust. Dad, I won’t trust you. May I go now?” “Yes please!” Osman said.

Now, as Osman Bye has learned and has declared Gonca a spy, how this will affect the love story of Alauddin and her?

What will be the sequence of their love story in Osman Ghazi Episode 147 Urdu?

How will Gonca prove herself as innocent in Osman Ghazi 147 Urdu?

Usman Ghazi Season 5 Episode 147: Most Awaited

Following are the most awaited sequences of Usman Ghazi Season 5 Episode 147: –

The End Waiting for Cerkutay:

As a result of extensive investigations in Yenişehir, Cerkutay is tried for espionage. What awaits Cerkutay, whose murder was ordered?

What is gonna happen to him in Usman Ghazi Season 5 Episode 147?

What Will Be the Fate of Yaqub Bey?

The waters are unstoppable in Yenişehir. Osman looks very optimistic about proving Yaqub Bey guilty. He’s now on his deathbed. Yaqub Bey is shot with an arrow. Saadet Hatun, who blames Osman Bey and his people for everything, wants to take out her pain on Bala Hatun.

  • Will Yaqub Bey die in Kurulus Osman 147 Episode in Urdu?
  • Will Mehmet declare war against Osman after his father’s death in Episode 147 Kurulus Usman?
  • What will Bala Hatun do in the face of this sudden attack in Osman Ghazi Season 5 Episode 147 In Urdu?

A new Entry in Kurulus Osman 147 Episode:

There is a new danger waiting for Osman Bey and his people. Tajuddin Noyan! Why did Elçim Hatun, who informed Osman Bey about this, come to the Tips?

What awaits Osman Bey and Kayı against Taceddin Noyan, who is famous for his unprecedented cruelty, in Osman Ghazi Season 5 Episode 147 In Urdu? Tajuddin Noyan is the most awaited part of the Kurulus Usman 147 Urdu Subtitles

Here, Watch Osman Ghazi Season 5 Episode 147 In Urdu:




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